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This school project was about creating a digital marketing campaign for GQ, including the design of an iPhone app.


My role in this project was to design the application that followed the established viral strategy. The objective was to cover the Valentine's Day period.


The concept of the application is very simple: we aggregate interesting quotes made by famous gentlemen (actors, singers, ...) in order to offer to GQ readers some tips for Valentine's day.


Final DEsigns

In the final design, the user can chose between 5 categories and 3 types of ordering. The information is presented in a feed with simple usability. We tried to add a simple UX for the user. Straight from the homepage, a user can like and save a quote.

Board screen with menu

The categories are located in a hidden side panel. With a simple gesture the user can access to this menu and chose a category, represented with big icons.

wireframe wireframe

GQ Application

THis application is very user friendly, and fits perfectly with the identity and feeling of the GQ brand. It also completes the digital campaign in a innovative way. This project got the highest grade in the school.